Main Courses

Boeuf Béarnaise

steak served with salad, french fries and Béarnaise sauce

Kr. 225,-


beef steak with caramelized onions and mushrooms with chilli. Served with rustic French fries and Bearnaise dip

Kr. 135,-


(Vienna schnitzel), Breaded veal steak served with peas, carrots and sautéed potatoes

Kr. 178,-

Fried Whole Plaice

with boiled potatoes, green aspargus and butter sauce

Kr. 185,-

Luxury shooting star

Home-breaded plaice fillets, a steamed fish fillet, smoked salmon, shrimp, asparagus and homemade dressing

Kr. 135,-

Chicken breast

served on grilled vegetables with salad, spicy potatoes, coleslaw and aioli

Kr. 120,-

English Steak

with buttered onion, homemade cucumber salad, small potatoes and butter sauce.

Kr. 225,-


Salad, Béarnaise sauce.

Kr. 25,-